Back to School Lookbook

Back to School Lookbook



We are so excited about our most recent Back to School Lookbook that we had to share our favorites with you! Since we have had such an amazing experience with our photographer Danielle, we wanted to introduce her to you! Read on to find out a little bit about her and scroll through to see the images from our Lookbook and shop the collection online now!

FS: Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do!

D: Well, my name is Danielle! I'm 22 and my passions are photography and fashion. Photography at the moment is actually my “side gig” since I'm currently a full time student and full time manager for Urban Outfitters! More recently I have been contributing to the UO social media accounts, which has been a lot of fun and a combination of all things I love since it’s a rad company. Photography is definitely my passion project and I’m excited it’s taking off because basically every moment I'm not working or in class, I'm always planning shoots and doing new stuff!

FS: How did you get started with photography?

D: Growing up I had always loved looking at photography/photographer’s work, so when I turned 12 I asked for my first camera. It was digital, and I basically became the girl who took pictures everywhere I went off a small gray Canon digital camera. When I turned 14, I was taking a lot of digital photos and posting them a lot, and a friend of a friends mom randomly wanted to give me my first DSLR camera along with two lenses. She said she stumbled across my Facebook photos and wanted to give me a good camera to pursue my passions, literally for free. I think she definitely gave me the encouragement and drive to learn about something I already loved. It was definitely a meant to be thing, but ever since then I tried my best to teach myself more about my passions.

FS: What are your favorite kind of shoots and your favorites locations to shoot?

D: I definitely love fashion and portrait photography but my favorites always have a candid feel. I honestly love having photos that remind me of moments, show real emotions, and photos that just look real. Photos that have meaning stand out so much more to me than some of the same stuff we see on Instagram everyday. Location can always be different, it depends what I’m shooting, but I do love having palm trees in my pictures!

FS: What are your future goals and aspirations?

D: What are your future goals and aspirations? My long term goal is definitely to start my own photography business and support myself through it full-time. I am in the process of figuring out what exactly that would look like, and how I can incorporate it with the things I love like writing and storytelling but my passion is taking photos and I want to follow that as far as I can! 



Also a big thanks to our amazing local models - Piper & Jackson, who were the most perfect dynamic duo!

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