Hey Pretty Mama!

Hey Pretty Mama!

Generous, fun-loving, free-spirited. All words that come to mind for our mommy muse, Lyndsay Hakker. Here at The Family Store we are constantly pulling inspiration from new women we admire, and creating an assortment that inspires us as much as they do. This Mother's Day we wanted to highlight a woman we find inspiring- from career to motherhood. Shortly after the completion of medical school, Lyndsay finds herself in the top of her profession and entering motherhood. We hope that you find Lyndsay, our gorgeous mommy muse this Mother's day, as inspirational and beautiful as we do. 

Read on to hear about how Lyndsay's adjusting to motherhood and how she's raising her cute new little one! 
Introduce yourself and your little one:
My name is Lyndsay Hakker.
My daughter Everley is 11 weeks... which doesn't even seem right because its flown by!
What is the best part about being a new mom?
Honestly, she's so fun! It's been amazing just seeing how excited she gets seeing everything for the first time, and developing this hilarious personality. I think it just makes us slow down and appreciate the little things.
How has your daily routine changed since having Evers?
I don't think it could be any different. I used to work 8-10 hour days. I always thought of myself as such a career woman. I planned on taking my maternity leave and getting right back in there. Boy was I wrong! Now I’ve stared my own business just so I can spend more time at home with her. We go to mom and babe fit classes in the mornings, swim lessons, play, work between naps, and then we do dinner with dad when he gets home! I think having her has just switched around priorities. 
What is the biggest similarity you see between you and Everley?
Well she looks exactly like her dad! I see a lot of me in her temperament. Shes the happiest when she's on the move!
If Everley was an animal, she would be a:
A squirrel! We laugh because she’s always making these funny sounds, and eats so much we say she’s storing her nuts for the winter.
What is Ever's favorite activity?
She loves to play with all her instruments and goes crazy when you pick one up! It’s pretty amazing watching her start to understand how she can make these sounds.
Is Everley a mama's girl or a daddy's girl?
Mama's girl!

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