FAMILY Store is a multilevel retail concept built
around the fundamentals of caring & sharing.
Supporting local craft & trade is the foundation for the store.
Each and every product offered at the FAMILY Store is from an artisian sensibility.
All of the local brands are proudly made in the USA from crafters and artist.
Every brand has a story.
The FAMILY also supports international craftsmanship.
You will find beautiful handi work that supports the authentic traditional
crafts while bringing economic stabity and growth to the indiginous
villiages all around the globe.
The FAMILY Store will host artist workshops
And a special place in the shop is set aside for
POP up shops for special showings and seasonal launches.
Family also offers creative party planning and event hosting in the store.
The store also serve as a design space for the 444Design Studio.
A full service concept to production, marketing and retail consulting & interior design studio.
Come Join the FAMILY.
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